Why does the screen keep shifting when I click on different parts?

We designed oconnors.com to show information in Dynamic Panels <Fig. 1>, <Fig. 2> that shift based on how you are interacting with the website. There are four primary panels: Search, Index, Reading, and Research.

  1. Search results are displayed as snippets—excerpts from O’Connor’s content that contain your search terms. The Search Panel also includes Filters, which allow you to organize your results by Type, Practice Area, and Topic.

  2. Index shows you the table of contents for a particular snippet result. Select a result, and the Index panel is populated with a table of contents that you can navigate. It’s always there in case you want to browse your content after you search.

  3. Reading displays the content, from commentaries and codes to forms and charts. It’s the primary panel for digesting and marking up O’Connor’s content.

  4. Research allows you to see hyperlinked annotated statutes side-by-side with commentaries to give you greater context—and understanding—for your research.

Fig. 1. Dynamic Panels

Fig. 2. Research Panel

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Our panels are dynamic because they react to your commands. If you search and select a snippet, the Search panel will hide the Filters, the Index panel will expand to show you a table of contents, and the Reading panel will display the text. If you select a hyperlinked rule in the Reading panel, both the Search and Index panels will collapse to display the Reading and Research panels.

O’Connor’s Online makes use of Dynamic Panels so your computer screen displays the most information possible and gives you a full view of the content.


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