Using the persistent Table of Contents in your research

One of the unique features of is the persistent Index <Fig. 1>. The Index is a dynamic panel that always lets you know where you are in the content (as indicated by a caret) and allows you to navigate through that content—by scrolling—at any time during the research process.

  • For Commentaries, the Index shows you chapter and first-level heading information.

  • For Forms, the Index shows you chapter and form number and title.

  • For Codes and Rules, the Index shows you chapter, subchapter, title, subtitle, and code section or rule number.

  • For Charts and Timetables, the Index shows you a list of each chart or timetable in the Practice Area.

To navigate the Index, simply place your cursor inside the panel, scroll up or down, and select a chapter, heading, code section, etc. You’ll see your result in the Reading panel.

If the Index panel is minimized, simply click the icon at the top of the panel to open it up again and browse the contents.

Fig. 1. Persistent Index

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