Reading codes and rules in the Research Panel

As you read through content, you’ll come across hyperlinked codes and rules. Selecting one of these hyperlinks activates the Research panel <Fig. 1>.

In Commentaries, if you select a linked code or rule provision, O’Connor’s Online will display a Research panel that contains the text of the code or rule. You will notice the system closes both the Search and Index panels to accommodate the additional text. This gives you the maximum amount of viewing space for the content. The Research panel content is displayed to the right of the Reading panel content, and by placing your cursor over it, you can scroll up and down through the codes and rules.

  1. At the bottom of the Research panel, you will be given the option of opening or closing the panel. If you select Open, you’ll be presented with a larger window <Fig. 2>, which lies on top of the Reading panel and focuses your attention on the entirety of the code or rule provision. If you’d like to see additional information about the code or rule, such as History, Annotations, or Cross-References, or browse the entire code or set of rules, then selecting Go to Content will take you to the information. You can always navigate back to the commentaries by clicking the back button on your browser.

  2. Closing the Research panel will not automatically restore either the Search or Index panels. To do that, simply place your cursor at the top of either panel and select the icon in that panel. The panel should reopen and display your previous search results or index of content.

Fig. 1. Research panel

Fig. 2. Research panel (OPEN)


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