Some known issues with charts in commentaries

Your research may lead to one of the many charts in our commentaries. But if you don't use a wide-screen monitor, selecting a search result that includes a chart may appear "cut-off" without any way to expand the screen to see the entire chart. See Fig. 1, below.

Fig. 1. A cut-off chart.

oconnors_online_chart.jpg (1280×899)

To see the entire chart, you'll need to open the Reading panel to full view. To do this, click on the gray bar at the top of the Reading panel. See Fig. 2, below.

Fig. 2. Opening the Reading panel.

oconnors_online_select.jpg (1280×900)

When you click on the gray bar, the Search and Index panels will collapse and the Reading panel will expand to full view, allowing you to see the entire chart. See Fig. 3, below.

Fig. 3. Reading panel fully open.

oconnors_online_open.jpg (1280×900)


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